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The Brasseaux's

Hi All,  and Thank You for visiting our page.

Here at D & S Cattle we are a very small cattle operation of registered and commercial Brahman cows with registered Hereford  and Brahman bulls. From time to time we have a few seed stock heifers to keep the grass down.

We have a marriage of 32 years (ongoing) and three sons. We've always had cattle from day one. Dwight's grandfather gave us our first starter herd of one bull and five cows, all commercial stock. Through the years we've grown to almost a 200 head operation of Angus cross cattle.

The time came when our two younger sons wanted their own little herd. so they thought, of course we assisted. Our youngest made his purchase of  five Brangus cows and our middle son purchased three Brahman cows, all commercial cattle.  They both spent the same amount of money. :)

It was through our sons purchases that we realized it didn't matter the quantity of cattle, for us the return was greater with the quality. We sold the bulk of our commercial stock and bought a few registered  Brahman cows....and they weren't cheap.

From then on we've downsized drastically and are still learning what really good quality cattle can do for our operation and maybe yours as well!!

If you see something on our page you like, contact us please, we would love to talk cattle.

Again, Thanks for visiting our page, hope to hear from you soon & Wish You Well~


Contact Us

Dwight  337.522.2280
Sandy   337.501.7205


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Kaplan, LA  70548

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